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Penny DahlenSOULFLOW Counseling, Healing, and Consulting Services

Dr. Penny Dahlen has been practicing as a counselor for over 20 years and has served as a faculty member training counselors at a variety of universities for 20 years. She is a Licensed Professional Counselor in Colorado.

She specializes in both traditional counseling approaches and alternative healing practices. She has extensive experience healing trauma as well as using spiritual practices to help life flow smoother. She also provides executive and career consulting.

Mission:  We all come into life with a passion to live out that is uniquely our own. Often our soul gets off track from its flow by family and relationship struggles, emotional wounds, difficult work situations, and taking on other’s perceptions for our path.  Penny is committed to helping you find your passion, heal old wounds and limiting belief’s, and flow smoother in all aspects of your life path.